I did not stop to remind the city council and CEBA that the diorama is nicely displayed since two years, but that there is still not the slightest information about it available for the visitors. When during spring I finally got green light to look for something suitable and worthy, I couldn't imagine getting the budget for a nice and modern Museum Kiosk display. So thanks for that! There was only one hiccup there. I was on my own to do it ! I finally settled for a beautiful All-in-one kiosk terminal with a 32 inch Touch screen
A well fitting software was the "Front Face for touch displays" . Delivery of all this was pretty straight forward and I could soon start playing with the software.

After learning about scale modelling, then photographing, setting up a website, writing, editing and distributing books, Diorama Clervaux now provided me yet another new challenge. My Computer knowledge is what you may call a "dangerous half-knowledge". I manage to get thinks done, see my website, but it is not easy and natural. The Kiosk software isn't particularly difficult, to the contrary. Getting the content in it was the difficult part. I am pretty sure that normally Museums hire outside people, graphic designers and such to accomplish such a job. For me, the easiest way to get nice slides was with MS Power Point. As I never worked with Power Point before, I started (with a subscription of course) and getting to know the essentials of the software. Thinking about and writing the content, getting the right pictures, transposing it into a nice presentation, translating it into 3 languages, well, it took me 3-4 months to do it. I learned quit a lot on the way and surely it did not make me any stupider. Unfortunately I can not show you the whole presentation. To not overload this post I will post some pictures of the presentation in subsequent posts in the Blog. To get the full benefit, see you in Clervaux !

After some problems with the Mini-PC in the Kiosk system I finally was ready to install it in the museum. I had a big relief when the system started as it should and I am also very happy that since then, it's been two weeks now, I did not heard back yet from it, meaning it still runs as it should. I had to manage the fact that at museums closing, the power is simply cut off. That's bad stuff for every computer. I programmed an automatic shutdown 15 minutes before closing time and the Mini-PC is anyway supposed to start automatically when it gets power back. So, fingers crossed!

So, here I am, with perhaps now the really, really final chapter of Diorama Clervaux,