After the language choice the visitor has a second choice between malformations about the diorama or the Battle of the Bulge. That screen is visible with the picture with me a bit earlier. Then comes an Intro page to the diorama
I highlighted different areas to select from the diorama to get more infos about, the Villa PrĂ¼m for example. On those pages I choose to show some reference pictures on one side, a bit of "Making off" in the middle" and a nice picture of the finished model on the other side.

It should be remembered that all those information's are meant for people having not the slightest idea about scale modeling. So I kept it to the basics.

I put in three "How to" pages, of course a promo side for my books, but also three slides explaining to the visitor what scale modeling actually is and what you can achieve. Here is the first page

The other choice in the beginning was to get infos about the Battle of the Bulge in Luxembourg around Clervaux. Here , I had the benefit of a recent feature film made by CEBA. I used excerpts from it to get at least some interactive stuff in my presentation.

Hopefully one day I will get some feedback about it all. As there is no Internet connection in the castle, I can't get visitor statistics.I probably need to get there and sit a while near it to see the faces and reaction of the visitors. Anyway, it's done now and I will not change a lot any more. Perhaps one day I will install the dutch version, correct grammatical errors reported back to me, but for now , I am happy that it is finally running.