Hi everyone

If you say that there is no need to watch this guys Blog I can't blame you. Modeling for me is still not on the horizon, so what is there for you to see except looking through old entries.

Renovation work on my house in the woods is still not done, going in fact very slow now as I have no pressure to do so during the cold and wet winter months. Now, on top of that, I have a new hobby. Here it is
Rusty, now 4 1/2 months old, a Cairn Terrier. He is with us since 6 weeks now and requires of course every free minute we have.

Do I hope to do some modelling in the future. Yes, I do, but certainly not during the next half year.

The books are still going good and I want you to know that I am still on the watch to fulfill every order in the shortest possible time. Don't forget that the diorama is on permanent display in the castle of Clervaux, so if you plan a trip to Luxembourg , be sure to plan a detour.

Have a great and healthy Year 2019.