Considering that after the inauguration of the exposition I can declare the adventure Diorama Clervaux officially over you may wonder what will happen to this website.

First of all, It will of course be my very first support to sell my books. So please don't hesitate, your orders are immediately taken care of. There is plenty of stock and Christmas is coming fast!

Second. I hope that the Blog and the Gallery on the main site will be a motivation and inspiration for all modellers. While I hope that a lot of you will find the way to the Clervaux castle to see the diorama with your own eyes, not everyone can do that and the pictures shown here will perhaps be a small consolation.

Third, while I admit that for the time being the renovation works of my summerhouse in the woods are taking up all my free time, I sincerely hope to be back again in the modelling hobby after that work, be it with the finishing touches of l my "Wet Kiss" dio or some other new work. I will the show all that here again.

I will of course keep the name of the site related to the Dio Clervaux as this will for ever be the work I will be recognized for.

Thanks again for following my work during all those years.