Hi, and yes I'm still here.

It took me a while to get a couple of pictures from the inaugural day for the exposition of Diorama Clervaux. As no professional photographer and no press was invited ( I still wonder why) I have to rely on photos taken with smartphones. Considering the light conditions in that room my souvenir pictures of that day are obviously not of the best quality.


Here, I am greeting a council member of the Clervaux town council.

Surrounded by the mayor of Clervaux, Mr. Eicher to my left and the president of CEBA, Mr. Kohn to my right, who is addressing the audience.

Probably the best quality picture of them all. The guy with the small camera wearing the light coloured jacket is former Director of the Military museum of Diekirch, Mr. Gaul

I was nervous as hell in expectation of that day, and while there is that small disappointment regarding missing press coverage, I was truly honoured to be offered such a great reception by the mayor of Clervaux. The presentation of the diorama was followed with a *Vin d'honneur*, some drinks and toasts served in the courtyard of the castle. After that the whole group had a meal in a nearby restaurant, all that offered by the city council.

My whole family in an animated discussion with the mayor of Clervaux, inside the castle's courtyard.

Thanks a lot for that all!