As I want my work on the inside rooms between the castles towers to be seen later, even when separated by a glass protection, I took the initiative to add some additional lights. The goal is to put in LED's who may be replaced by an outsider even in a couple of years without my presence. The ones I added originally are so well hidden (I did never imagine the need of this 12 years ago) that a replacement is impossible. To add the new ones I had to drill some holes in my precious castle. I inserted a small piece of Aluminium tube and slid the LED attached to the cables in it until the just barely stood out on the other side.

The did of course not go without damage and I had to partially remodel and repaint a few stones of the wall.

I fixed the cables with staples

I the tried to hide the cables with some ivy. As the cables are placed in corners of the wall, the ivy right there is not out of place.

As I also camouflaged the cables themselves, nothing can be seen. I closed the holes in the wall with some additional plasticine to avoid the light tgetting back out the wrong way.

I am rewiring the cables and bundling them into one 12 V trafo, together with the LED's from the cellars and the farmers house, albeit all those will only work as long as they are willing to do, a replacement was not possible with those.


This all happened actually a month ago, I just forget to put the update in here.

When I went to Clervaux last week for a final check regarding the glass protection, I had the unpleasant surprise that again I found my motorcycle driver lying around in pieces. Despite a physical barrier at the door of the expo room, and this was confirmed by the lady guarding the entry of the museum, people to not hesitate and push the barrier away and enter the room. It did not take long for someone to try to get a souvenir from the Diorama

So I am repairing it a second time as good as possible, but please don't put the blame on my modeling capacities if you notice glue marks on this. Some parts where simply broken and I need to salvage pieces from another bike to replace them.

The incredible thing as that some people in Clervaux still need to be convinced that a glass protection is an absolute necessity! But all is well now and we are close to finishing this.

On May 21 I will meet a fellow modeller from Switzerland in the castle to give him a private tour. I will then put the motorcycle back on the diorama and put final touches on the electric wiring. Ten days later, on May 30, finally , the glass protection will be added and the diorama opened immediately for exposition.