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Delay, delay

, 16:56

Thanks to COVID, the new project, while it is still not secured, is getting delayed again and again.

A bit of a mess

, 16:39

While trying to set up a new Blog, I screwed up and lost access to the Clervaux Blog . Fortunately , a backup was available featuring all the entries of the last ten years. The Layout albeit is missing. As I am sure that the few people coming back to look at the Archives of the Dio Clervaux build are satisfied in finding all the information I decided not to invest my energy and time to rebuild that Layout. So, the view might be a bit odd, but all the entries are here, so, have fun.

New Blog for the new project

, 13:28

I am working right now to get a second Blog running for the new project of building Castle Vianden. The Blog for Diorama Clervaux will stay where it is and be accessible as Archive and not get any more updates. Well, it did not get any serious update anymore anyway, isn't it? So stay tuned and thank you a lot for following Dio Clervaux from 2010 on forward, starting 5 years after the beginning of that build and up to the end of that adventure.

Big surprise

, 04:13

For all of you who ares till looking for modelling updates to this site , you are in for a big surprise after all those years with nothing to look at. Chances are very good that I get to model a highlight of Luxembourg tourism, the Castle of Vianden.

The build is going to be the castle in its state before it's restoration starting in the seventies of last century. Isn't that a project to look forward!?

Still here

, 07:45

I am regularly getting orders for my books, so , if you interested also, I am fulfilling any orders as ever, meaning the very next day. Just don't hesitate to place you order because the rest of the site is pretty calm. I am pretty much done with every work not modelling related, so next year I may come back into the hobby. The last thing I finished at the site of my house in the woods is an outdoor Pizza oven. Took me a year to build!

75 years ago

, 08:15

Exactly 75 years ago, on Dec. 16 1944, the German army started an attack on Luxembourg and Belgium . It would enter the history books as the "Battle of the Bulge". Please remember all the soldiers who lost their life's for our freedom


Getting into the subject and some slides

, 02:30

After the language choice the visitor has a second choice between malformations about the diorama or the Battle of the Bulge. That screen is visible with the picture with me a bit earlier. Then comes an Intro page to the diorama
I highlighted different areas to select from the diorama to get more infos about, the Villa Prüm for example. On those pages I choose to show some reference pictures on one side, a bit of "Making off" in the middle" and a nice picture of the finished model on the other side.

It should be remembered that all those information's are meant for people having not the slightest idea about scale modeling. So I kept it to the basics.

I put in three "How to" pages, of course a promo side for my books, but also three slides explaining to the visitor what scale modeling actually is and what you can achieve. Here is the first page

The other choice in the beginning was to get infos about the Battle of the Bulge in Luxembourg around Clervaux. Here , I had the benefit of a recent feature film made by CEBA. I used excerpts from it to get at least some interactive stuff in my presentation.

Hopefully one day I will get some feedback about it all. As there is no Internet connection in the castle, I can't get visitor statistics.I probably need to get there and sit a while near it to see the faces and reaction of the visitors. Anyway, it's done now and I will not change a lot any more. Perhaps one day I will install the dutch version, correct grammatical errors reported back to me, but for now , I am happy that it is finally running.

First page of the presentation

, 02:17

As of now , the presentation is offered in four languages. The Spanish version was done by my friend Pedro Negron. We still would like to have a dutch version as there are a lot of tourists from the Netherlands.

Kiosk Display

, 01:10

I did not stop to remind the city council and CEBA that the diorama is nicely displayed since two years, but that there is still not the slightest information about it available for the visitors. When during spring I finally got green light to look for something suitable and worthy, I couldn't imagine getting the budget for a nice and modern Museum Kiosk display. So thanks for that! There was only one hiccup there. I was on my own to do it ! I finally settled for a beautiful All-in-one kiosk terminal with a 32 inch Touch screen
A well fitting software was the "Front Face for touch displays" . Delivery of all this was pretty straight forward and I could soon start playing with the software.

After learning about scale modelling, then photographing, setting up a website, writing, editing and distributing books, Diorama Clervaux now provided me yet another new challenge. My Computer knowledge is what you may call a "dangerous half-knowledge". I manage to get thinks done, see my website, but it is not easy and natural. The Kiosk software isn't particularly difficult, to the contrary. Getting the content in it was the difficult part. I am pretty sure that normally Museums hire outside people, graphic designers and such to accomplish such a job. For me, the easiest way to get nice slides was with MS Power Point. As I never worked with Power Point before, I started (with a subscription of course) and getting to know the essentials of the software. Thinking about and writing the content, getting the right pictures, transposing it into a nice presentation, translating it into 3 languages, well, it took me 3-4 months to do it. I learned quit a lot on the way and surely it did not make me any stupider. Unfortunately I can not show you the whole presentation. To not overload this post I will post some pictures of the presentation in subsequent posts in the Blog. To get the full benefit, see you in Clervaux !

After some problems with the Mini-PC in the Kiosk system I finally was ready to install it in the museum. I had a big relief when the system started as it should and I am also very happy that since then, it's been two weeks now, I did not heard back yet from it, meaning it still runs as it should. I had to manage the fact that at museums closing, the power is simply cut off. That's bad stuff for every computer. I programmed an automatic shutdown 15 minutes before closing time and the Mini-PC is anyway supposed to start automatically when it gets power back. So, fingers crossed!

So, here I am, with perhaps now the really, really final chapter of Diorama Clervaux,

Happy New Year 2019

, 08:19

Hi everyone

If you say that there is no need to watch this guys Blog I can't blame you. Modeling for me is still not on the horizon, so what is there for you to see except looking through old entries.

Renovation work on my house in the woods is still not done, going in fact very slow now as I have no pressure to do so during the cold and wet winter months. Now, on top of that, I have a new hobby. Here it is
Rusty, now 4 1/2 months old, a Cairn Terrier. He is with us since 6 weeks now and requires of course every free minute we have.

Do I hope to do some modelling in the future. Yes, I do, but certainly not during the next half year.

The books are still going good and I want you to know that I am still on the watch to fulfill every order in the shortest possible time. Don't forget that the diorama is on permanent display in the castle of Clervaux, so if you plan a trip to Luxembourg , be sure to plan a detour.

Have a great and healthy Year 2019.

OOPS, that long

, 19:20

Ok, sorry for the long wait, and well , sorry again for still having no modeling news. I am 100 % devoted to the 1: 1 restoration of my house in the woods in the Luxembourg Sauervalley and simply can't bring myself to even sit on the modeling table and start or finish something. I assume that 90 % of my paints are rock hard by now anyway.

You should know , if you happen to tumble on my website, that ordering my book is always safe and orders are fulfilled in 24 hours.

Exposeason is full on right now and I wish everyone great success. I sincerely hope that I will be able to return to SMC one day with a new finished model.

Until then, le'ts finish this weekendhouse

Best Greets from Luxembourg


Happy New Year 2018

, 19:27

I wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year.

Point final sur le diorama et avenir du site

, 12:23

Lors d'une fête officielle au début de l'été, le diorama a été dévoilé au public. Dans le cadre magnifique du Château de Clervaux et dans l'enceinte du "Musée des Maquettes", le diorama peut désormais être visité en permanence. En défilant un peu plus bas vers le commentaire en anglais, vous pouvez voir quelques photos de l'événement.
Qui aurait pensé cela quand j'ai commencé cette construction il y a 12 ans maintenant!

L'aventure de cette construction terminée, on peut se demander ce que va devenir cette page web, en principe et aussi de par son nom, consacré au Diorama Clervaux ?

J'ai bien l'intention de maintenir cette page Internet pour

  • servir de support de vente pour mes deux livres. N'hésitez donc surtout pas à passer commande, elles seront executées au plus vite, même si des fois le site aura l'air un peu abandonné. Noël approche à grand pas!
  • Bien que je souhaite que beaucoup d'interessés puissent visiter l'exposition du diorama à Clervaux, tout le monde ne pourra certainement pas le faire. Pour tous ceux là et tous les amateurs de modélisme le Blog et la gallerie photos sur la page principale restera disponible pour donner motivation et inspiration.
  • Bien que tous mon temps libre est actuellement investie dans la rénovation d'un chalet, je pense retourner tôt ou tard vers le modélisme et mes travaux pourront de nouveau être vu ici.

Un grand Merci à tous les interessés qui ont suivi le dévelopement du diorama Clervaux pendant toutes ces années

Der Schlussstrich unter das Abenteuer Diorama Clervaux, Ausstellung und wie es weiter geht.

, 11:06

Anlässlich einer offiziellen Einweihungsfeier wurde im Juli schon das Diorama dem Publikum vorgestellt. Nach etwas länger dauernden und nicht immer harmonisch verlaufenden Vorbereitungsarbeiten kann das Diorama jetzt besichtigt werden. Es ist Teil des "Musée des Maquettes", einer Ausstellung sämtlicher Burgen im Luxemburger Lande. Zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt ist vorgesehen, dies Räumlichkeiten mit dem Militärmuseum zu verbinden. Das Ganze steht wie gehabt im Schoss von Clervaux. Im englischen Beitrag etwas weiter unten könnt ihr einige Bilder der Einweihungsfeier sehen.

Ja, wer hätte das gedacht als ich vor 12 Jahren damit anfing einige Styroporteilchen aneinanderzukleben um nur mal zu sehen wie das aussehen könnte!

Und nun? Insbesondere da die Internetseite prinzipiell dem Diorama gewidmet war, stellt sich die Frage wie es mit eben dieser Seite weitergeht.

Die Seite wird weiterhin bestehen bleiben, da sie

  • weiterhin dazu dienen soll meine beiden Bücher zu vertreiben. Alle Bestellungen werden zeitnah behandelt und schnellstens versendet werden. Zögert also nicht und denkt daran, Weihnachten ist schon sehr bald.
  • Der Blog und die grosse Bildergallerie auf der Hauptseite hoffentlich noch für vieleModellbauer als Inspiration genutzt werden hönnen. Auch wenn ich mir regen Zulauf im Museum wünsche bin ich mir bewusst dass nicht jeder die Möglichkeit dazu haben wird und sich wohl mit den Onlinebildern zufrieden geben muss. (oder sich die Bücher zulegt)
  • ja, auch wenn meine gesamte Freizeit momentan der Renovation eines Wochenendhäuschen gwidmet wird, ich früher oder später zurück zum Modellbau finden werde und meine Arbeiten wiederum hier vorstellen werde.

Das "Wet Kiss" Diorama ist übrigens fast fertig und bedarf nur noch einiger Details sowie den Arbeiten zur Shadowbox.

Danke an alle die mir über die vielen Jahre über die Schulter geschaut haben und kräftig unterstützt haben.

Now what?

, 18:59

Considering that after the inauguration of the exposition I can declare the adventure Diorama Clervaux officially over you may wonder what will happen to this website.

First of all, It will of course be my very first support to sell my books. So please don't hesitate, your orders are immediately taken care of. There is plenty of stock and Christmas is coming fast!

Second. I hope that the Blog and the Gallery on the main site will be a motivation and inspiration for all modellers. While I hope that a lot of you will find the way to the Clervaux castle to see the diorama with your own eyes, not everyone can do that and the pictures shown here will perhaps be a small consolation.

Third, while I admit that for the time being the renovation works of my summerhouse in the woods are taking up all my free time, I sincerely hope to be back again in the modelling hobby after that work, be it with the finishing touches of l my "Wet Kiss" dio or some other new work. I will the show all that here again.

I will of course keep the name of the site related to the Dio Clervaux as this will for ever be the work I will be recognized for.

Thanks again for following my work during all those years.


official exhibition inauguration

, 09:40

Hi, and yes I'm still here.

It took me a while to get a couple of pictures from the inaugural day for the exposition of Diorama Clervaux. As no professional photographer and no press was invited ( I still wonder why) I have to rely on photos taken with smartphones. Considering the light conditions in that room my souvenir pictures of that day are obviously not of the best quality.


Here, I am greeting a council member of the Clervaux town council.

Surrounded by the mayor of Clervaux, Mr. Eicher to my left and the president of CEBA, Mr. Kohn to my right, who is addressing the audience.

Probably the best quality picture of them all. The guy with the small camera wearing the light coloured jacket is former Director of the Military museum of Diekirch, Mr. Gaul

I was nervous as hell in expectation of that day, and while there is that small disappointment regarding missing press coverage, I was truly honoured to be offered such a great reception by the mayor of Clervaux. The presentation of the diorama was followed with a *Vin d'honneur*, some drinks and toasts served in the courtyard of the castle. After that the whole group had a meal in a nearby restaurant, all that offered by the city council.

My whole family in an animated discussion with the mayor of Clervaux, inside the castle's courtyard.

Thanks a lot for that all!

The "Wet Kiss" is still ongoing

, 18:46

Yes, during the last few weeks I finally got around to work again on my rain diorama.

Here is one picture of the Work in progress. Be reminded that the final scene is going to be in a shadow box, completely darkened and only lit by the cars lights and the street light. What you will be able to see from the rain will be less than now, taking hopefully away the impression of those straight lines, nade by the way with angels hair (a Christmas decoration)

Not yet final

, 18:42

In the meantime, a nice and shiny black side has been added to the display, fixed with very small magnets. Easily removable, but behind the glass, no one should be able to reach it. I took my wide lens to make a better photo of the room with the display.

Nice room isn't it?

I also put the final touches on the lightning and , yet again, fixed the repaired moto driver.

One week to survive before the glass protection.

Countdown to exposition Expo-23

, 04:11

As I want my work on the inside rooms between the castles towers to be seen later, even when separated by a glass protection, I took the initiative to add some additional lights. The goal is to put in LED's who may be replaced by an outsider even in a couple of years without my presence. The ones I added originally are so well hidden (I did never imagine the need of this 12 years ago) that a replacement is impossible. To add the new ones I had to drill some holes in my precious castle. I inserted a small piece of Aluminium tube and slid the LED attached to the cables in it until the just barely stood out on the other side.

The did of course not go without damage and I had to partially remodel and repaint a few stones of the wall.

I fixed the cables with staples

I the tried to hide the cables with some ivy. As the cables are placed in corners of the wall, the ivy right there is not out of place.

As I also camouflaged the cables themselves, nothing can be seen. I closed the holes in the wall with some additional plasticine to avoid the light tgetting back out the wrong way.

I am rewiring the cables and bundling them into one 12 V trafo, together with the LED's from the cellars and the farmers house, albeit all those will only work as long as they are willing to do, a replacement was not possible with those.


This all happened actually a month ago, I just forget to put the update in here.

When I went to Clervaux last week for a final check regarding the glass protection, I had the unpleasant surprise that again I found my motorcycle driver lying around in pieces. Despite a physical barrier at the door of the expo room, and this was confirmed by the lady guarding the entry of the museum, people to not hesitate and push the barrier away and enter the room. It did not take long for someone to try to get a souvenir from the Diorama

So I am repairing it a second time as good as possible, but please don't put the blame on my modeling capacities if you notice glue marks on this. Some parts where simply broken and I need to salvage pieces from another bike to replace them.

The incredible thing as that some people in Clervaux still need to be convinced that a glass protection is an absolute necessity! But all is well now and we are close to finishing this.

On May 21 I will meet a fellow modeller from Switzerland in the castle to give him a private tour. I will then put the motorcycle back on the diorama and put final touches on the electric wiring. Ten days later, on May 30, finally , the glass protection will be added and the diorama opened immediately for exposition.

Diorama dispay in museum

, 17:23

Hi everyone

I am putting the final touches to the dio to get it finally ready for permanent display in the castle of Clervaux, the original one.

I am pleased by the nice location. It will actually occupy the whole upper level of the big tower, shown by the arrow on this nice picture


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