Since a couple months the modules of the diorama are already in the room designated for the exhibition and waiting for definitive assembling. A lot of damage was made because of the careless handling by some staff and the opening for the display for public , this without any protection and all of course without my consent. Meanwhile the exhibition room is closed and the dio safe.

During the last weeks I repaired at home and at ease some of the most damaged elements, the moto driver, the stretcher Jeep and the whole balustrade from the side house with the old men. Because of my knee operation kneeing down was of course not possible at I had to wait till now to fix those elements back on the dio and also repair and fix a dozen other items.


The Ivy on the tower was partly ripped off also. It is not yet repaired because this is a complex operation, including selecting fitting branches and fixing individual Thymian leaves. How should I do that on-site? They had no idea what they destroyed! I am still furious about all this!

I also discovered yet another destruction. On the Hotel Central the downside pipe was ripped of the gutter. Here also, a repair will be difficult to realize and will always be visible. The house was my first one! It survived 12 years during which it went to some 20 exhibitions in a lot of countries without a single damage. A couple of weeks in Clervaux was enough to to exactly that. A broken figure in a cellar is not repaired as I can't get access unless I can get under the castle.

Hopefully the continuation of this Clervaux exhibition adventire will be more enjoyable because until now it was pure frustration.