Hi everyone,

Ok, I thought I should at least give a sign of life here.

What am I doing? Well, modelling wise, the Clervaux diorama has moved into the definitive room in the castle of Clervaux. I am right now repairing the damage done by the careless movers and the initial visitors who had the privilege to see the dio without any protection. Roughly a dozen things need to get glued back on, that was the slight damage. More damage was done on the Harley and the driver, the stretcher Jeep and the bannister on the stairs with the old men. I had those items dissembled in numerous parts and was lucky enough that I could find back most of the parts. I replaced others with double items from my stash. A completely ripped of small fir and the top of the big one are gone and will not be replaced. I am now still fighting to get a protection around the dio for the permanent display. Hopefully all this will be finished after the summer.

The spanish PDF is done as you notice, but I am still waiting (since half a year) for a corrected version. Anyway , the interest is not there as I did not sell one single copy of it. All this work done for nothing!

Otherwise, my hobby time goes entirely into the renovation of a secondary home situated in the nice Luxembourgish countryside.

No new modelling , the rain shadowbox is still sitting on my shelf waiting for the outer box.