I wish you all a happy and healthy New Year!

I am nearly done with all my online and book projects !

  1. I organized a reprint of the first book, so there are plenty again in stock. I was down to 6 copies before the new batch arrived.
  2. The book is translated in Spanish and the PDF is made and up for sale.
  3. The website itself is of course finished. It may not be perfect but considering where I come from coding-wise, I am satisfied with the result.
  4. The free tutorial of the last module is translated in German and French, the last one still needs to be put online as a PDF,
  5. The Blog, a Dotclear Blog, is also updated to it's newest version. I choose a responsive theme to fit the main page.

Last minute Update: The link to the Blog in the Menu on the main page is not working with left click. Need to work on that :-( Very very last minute update: Found it!! The culprit was the JS file singlepage.nav, a gimmick for changing the menu colour on a one page website. As probably no one will never take notice of that anyway I simply deleted the function and the direct link now works.

I now need to focus again in finishing that Rain and Kiss diorama. Hopefully I can come back to modelling again soon. I must admit that eyesight problems take a lot of fun out of the hobby. Not being able to do the slightest thing without magnifier is frustrating.