Someone told me that it would be time to redo my website. Ok, I took the bait. I thought that the publication of the spanish PDF would be a good time to do it. S

6-7 years ago, when I did the actual site, I immerged myself a bit in HTML language so that I would at least know where to put my text.

Websitebuilders weren't so available back then and I arranged a suitable template already b, I decided to redo that exerciceack then. While those websitebuilders are more accessible nowadays, I did not want to pay a monthly fee for something I had already done myself. My actual hosting being paid anyway until 2017, I am right now rearanging a modern template I downloaded from the Net, responsive and with all the requirements for todays mobile computer world and struggling to put my old content into the new form. All the stuff around Diorama Clervaux will be the main reason to visit my site in the foreseeable future, so I certainly can not let that out.

Stay tuned for a hopefully well working and nice to visit website.