I started painting the figures. Civilian figures are very easy to paint as there are no rules to observe like for uniform painting. It just needs to look good. The umbrella was painted a linen colour. The original black, as I noticed during a test run, made he umbrella completely invisible in the box. I think that the umbrella in a original item, there was enough work and ideas involve to make it, so It should be part of the scene. Now the tough part will be to chose which side I will turn my couple. This


or this


Don't pay attention to the positioning on the ground. That will be arranged once my decision is taken. The lightning here comes from my work bench light. Later, in the dio, the main light will come from above, so that the upper parts of both bodies will be in the shadow from the umbrella. A light placed on the other side of the street will illuminate them a bit, but far less then now. Some of my sculpting errors (not so smooth surfaces) will be hidden also, luckily.