Most work for this shadowbox has to be done, without having any idea how the final look will be. I hope it will be good, but I only will be sure when most of it is done.

The easiest part is the landscape. I spread a coat of Valleyo White Pumice over the plaster, let it dry and sand it down a bit, eliminating a bit of the coarse structure. It's then painted a True Grey (brand Aleen's) and washed Sepia oil colour.


The hill is covered with some vegetation. Nothing special and fancy needed here, most will be invisible or in the dark.

When I looked for some suitable wood for the tree, a trunk with a nice branch would have been best, I suddenly remembered a twisted wire tree made long long time ago, in fact, it was the first one I ever tried. I still had it somewhere. Well, it was perfect for now, I just snapped away every branch except the two lowest.


coated it with Magic Sculpt for the bark and added some fine branches with copper wire