I have a cardboard box, bigger then my dio, but set on the table the inside remains dark nonetheless.


I put two 3V LED's as the cars frontlight and one near the street light and inside the globe who is coming with that one. The street light is operated with 16 V Led's. When I bought them I did not yet know how to handle all the LED stuff. I will try to solder a 3V LED in side the globe to be able to put my 3-4 lights on one single battery holder with two AA-Batteries (3V). The taxi lights will be dimmed down somewhat if placed behind the kit's headlight plastic clear plastic cover. I placed a 4th LED on this side of the road, invisible to the eye, playing the role of another street light, but more important so, giving some light to the couples faces who are normally in the dark because of he umbrella.

The black umbrella itself is nearly invisible, a pity because of the work involved and the plus it will give the whole thing. Therefore I will repaint it with some lighter colour, a beige or something. I figured that the black would be easier to make it a wet look, but priority is on the visibility. The park will be outfitted with a tree (the trunk only, a couple of hedges, perhaps a bench.

I have no idea if my order of work is ok for a shadowbox and if the result is any good. For the moment have no idea what I should change. Should I use a stronger street light? Anyway, this all stands or falls with my rain effects.