Yes, it's possible. Shipping costs can be reduced!

Because of a complete change of the price structure by our national post administration, I will be able to offer you reduced shipping costs.

As I want to pass on the savings to you, I will reduce the COMBO offer to 47€, starting on Sept.1.

Packages with one book will reflect the true costs, with savings between , 3.25 and 5.5 Euros!!

When before I had problems with the 1 kg limit for those small packages (my package weighted between 1.000 and 1.005 depending on the scale) I need to pay attention now on the length of the package. The limit for the length is now coming down from 60 to 34 cm ! Packed without attention my letters are about 34.5 cm long. Therefore you will see my Combo packages packed a bit tighter in the future to get under 34 cm.