It's nearly 9-10 months since I last worked on the dio, so I needed to get "in " to it again.

Using the Taxi and the sculpted figure I checked the layout one more time.



With the help of some cardboard I made a few tests how the viewer is supposed to view the scene.

As I, regardless of Diorama Clervaux and the fact that indeed the cellars I build in that one are boxed dioramas on their own, I consider myself a newbie regarding stand alone shadow boxes. To unlock some of the mysteries I bought Ray Anderson's old FSM book about boxed dioramas and studied most of the dioramas featured on the excellent website I don't need to reinvent the wheel by myself, isn't it?

Combining all I saw and the tips I gathered, I decided to cut down the dio by 10 cm at the back and 7 cm on the left. The Taxi needs to be cut also then.

The long stairs and the park hill fulfilled not only my desire to make it a autumn park like scene, but also provided a natural horizon at the back with no need of an additional sky scene. (hence the trunk lying on the men's head to check the height) Lowering the couple by a few steps allows me not only to achieve the same but also allows the cutting of the whole back. I still need to see how lightning works and the effect on the couple's heads when the umbrella is going to hide the street lamp's light.

I must unfortunately admit that my park scene is getting less and less prominent. Here, I must remind myself what the main goal of this box will be to simulate convincingly rain, the nice park being only a backdrop.

I will cut the dio today and check again what it will look like.