It's nearly done!

Pedro has finished translating everything a while ago.

A word here about his work. Pedro volunteered for this task. I knew after translating myself the book in German and French that it was a lot of work. Indeed, while I defintely had another motivation and of course as the writer knew exactly my train of thoughts, even could allow myself to change the text to make it better fit with images or the language, Pedro did not have this advantage. Painfully he needed to translate section by section, navigating through my partially mediocre english or alternatively through my attempts of humour or sarcasm. I think he propbly quickly regretted having volunteerd for it. Nonetheless, after more then a year, he made it through and for that I probably can't thank him enough any time.

There is one chance for the spanish speaking modeling community to thank Pedro for his work! I promised to compensate him for his hard work by ceding him a part of the income I get for this PDF book. There is only one chance to make that a correct amount. Please buy the PDF and please, don't share it for free!

So, during the last two weeks I put it all in the PDF, meaning I took the Print ready english language PDF and, using a software called Nitro, replaced the original text with the spanish one. Pedro is right now reading again over my work. Overall we had about 500 different text parts and between all that work, there are probably a couple of errors. As it will sell this PDF for money, I make sure that the quality is in there. What I can't influence are probable clashes between particularities of the spanish language used by Spaniards and the text in my book made by Pedro who is from Puerto Rico.

I need to find a solution for the web offering now. As I don't want to hassle with the potential download problems from the clients, I am going to outsource that part. I will probably use E-junkie if I can get the file under 50 MB and qualify for the lowest pricing plan. I do not expect a very big rush of sales, so I need to keep the fixed costs at a minimum. 10 % of the price will disappear for fees between Ejunkie and Paypal, but for the comfort of the customer and me, the price is probably worth it.

The making of the French and German PDF was useless as there is absolutely no interest in it! A couple only for the German version and Zero (nadda) for the French version. Please make that not to be the case for the Spanish version.

A little reshuffle of the front page is also needed to get this PDF correctly advertised, so give us 1-2 more weeks to get that out. Stay tuned for the first modeling book available in three languages! (Probably)