While cleaning up my working room, among all the books gathered meanwhile regarding a lot of aspects about model building, I saw the books assembled to get as much info as possible about the Clervaux part of the battle of the Bulge. I list them here, for what it's worth.

- to save Bastogne (R. Philips)

- A Time for Trumpets (Ch. B. Mc Donald)

both I think the very best reference books in English language

- Alamo in the Ardennes (Mc. Manus), excellent read. The action seen from the soldiers view and not so much strategic infos

- Battle The story of the Bulge (Toland) , he is referring mostly to the two first books above, so not worth buying

- Die Ardennenschlacht (J. Milmeister, in German language) , I found a copy of this Out of Print book on Abebooks. A must have.

- The Battle of the Bulge in Luxembourg (Roland Gaul), Vol. Americans and Vol. Germans (in depth analysis of everything you can imagine, but all around and south of Dekirch, so no details from Clervaux)