Still recovering from your Christmas meal? How about a walk in the forest. It's could for the health and you may find some roots for your diorama project.

LOL seriously, let's give you an update of my new dio.

Taking inspiration from the hint's you guys gave me, I adapted the layout. To get to something I actually like and who may work later, I carved a big piece of styrodur, leftovers from a mock-up for Dio Clervaux, until I got a result. It morphed from this one


to this one, the stairs covered with air drying clay and with a light I bought recently and may be using in the dio


just to be changed to a layout with the stairs climbing up to the horizon, thus having later on no major problem with the back wall of the shadow box


This morning I covered it all with a saw dust, glue, water and plaster mix


This needs to dry now for certainly 2 days before it starts to harden a bit. I will then start to build walls along the boardwalk.

After having build only scenes of square meters space during the last ten years, doing a piece of only 1 foot by 1 foot is actually strange for me and I am astonished that I am nearly done already.