I just spend a very interesting weekend in Clervaux as a guest to the commemoration for the BoB anniversary. It was an honour to be there, albeit I was a bit disappointed that the veterans couldn't make it to a short visit to my dio. I was therefore occupied to tell all the very interested Clervaux citizens why a specific house of my dio was not at the place it should be. It was very amusing, as the same topics came back over and over again during the day. After hearing my explanations, all understood very well that compromises had to be made during such a project, choice and location of the structures being one of it.

But let's start at the beginning. I got great help to unload the modules from the truck. A few impressions of the setup operations, probably the last time





During the night, the guys from CEBA put a special guard near the dio to protect it. Armed with machine gun and Panzerfaust they awaited potential burglars.


After a hard night, a few leftovers


The expo day started very slow regarding the visitors, not only for me but for the whole site. More info on what happened around the castle during that special day can be read here https://www.facebook.com/CEBALuxembourg?ref=stream&fref=nf

A view at the Brahaus where I had my expo in

A few guys from the reenactors had the opportunity to visit the dio during the morning


After 3 pm the visitor number grew to a very good number, really making worth the whole effort for everyone


I had a lot of interesting talks with Clervaux citizens, old and less old people, some providing me with informations I could have used to make the dio even more accurate. One man even took an envelope from his jacket and showed me some original photos from the war years, some I had seen somehow already, but also one very interesting showing German soldiers with bicycles near the cemetery . I gave the man my card in case he would like to offer the photos to the museum.

In this context a short word regarding my research ten years ago. Summarizing it, I could probably say, "Who was I in Clervaux ten years ago?" Simple answer, nobody. Imagine me knocking on all these doors ten years ago and asking those villagers about there knowledge of the town, telling them that I wanted to make a miniature version of it. I can't imagine me doing it. From another perspective, I was also novice modeller back then without any experience and never imagined that my efforts would yield in something like I did in the end. Had I know that in advance, myself would have deepened my researches a bit more.

Now of course, presenting my work, I am somewhat legitimate and people voluntarily give me more information, at a point everything is done. Unfortunately for that, but I think that the compromise now standing in Clervaux is not bad at all, a fact confirmed indeed by all visitors.

Being confined to my expo room, I missed most of the activities outside. Here a display in front of the witch tower


My wife is on this picture. Who can spot her :-)


Lex, during his efforts to power up the Kettenkrad and get it under shelter for the night.


Departure of a Dodge manoeuvring through the castle gate


I took the opportunity of this great location to make some additional pictures




That's it for now. I left the dio in Clervaux with the promise from everyone involved that in the next months another spot inside the castle will be found, possibly the one where it will then by permanently exposed to the public.