The basics: I wanted to make a "Rain" dio, during the night. First ingredient to show the rain element. A kissing couple under an umbrella. Second ingredient, the lights to act as contrast for the rain. First a coupel of streetlights of course and then the lights from a car.

I choose it to be a Taxi, staying in wait to take one passenger, from the couple certainly.

The background: My first thoughts went to a "Restaurant" background, but frankly, I build enough houses for now and was happy to find a replacement. I would do a park behind the couple. I have some ideas, but am still not clear about the usefullness of it.

I would love for example to use this opportunity to play with perspectives. But do I really need to show the backdrop of the park to make my scene working? Of course, in a shadowbox, you need to find something to bar the view from the back of the box, so either I work with a lot of hedges or I go as deep back with my perspective until the darkn ess of the night hides the black painted back of the case.

For the moment it is the last solution I am working on


The taxi, , feels a lot to big for the scene and it is not even on it's wheels. Unfortunately, the London Taxi I choose, is bigger then a normal car.