While I am still waiting for the book to arrive and experimenting with different varnishes , glues, resins and other stuff to simulate rain, I started already on the figures.

My idea for the overall dio is to make a couple, kissing for Goodbye (under the umbrella), while the Taxi is already waiting. All this illuminated by Park lights and of course the lights from the car. In the night also, to allow for the rainy element to be better seen.

These will be my first ever complete scratch-builds (if you take exception from the 1:144 figures I put on the two towers on the bridge of the Clervaux dio), so be patient with me. I started with a typical mannequin, the size and proportions based on freely available charts on different sculpting sites.


I made the heads from a blob of Magic Sculpt and, heavily inspired by the tutorial on Alan and Marion Balls website, started to carve the face in. This is still Work in Progress, some parts needed an addition of Magic Sculpt because my head ball was not correct and other parts still need some carving. Of course there are still no eye balls, ears and hairs. The woman will probably just wear a trench coat, so it may be enough to make a rough sculpt with somewhat correct female proportions and just put her the trench coat on later.


It is clear that for a clerverly positioned kissing scene, not a lot of the face will be seen but that is a good occasion for me to experiment and I will try to do every feature of the face, even if it will not be seen.

Got the Revell 1:24 London Taxi also and start to build it as I will need the reference for my first mockup of the scene. Maybe I will cut away half of it later.