While for the last project I had to take into account the wide of the door and rent a van to transport it, the next project requiered as one of the first steps to converse millimeters to mikrometers ( µm ) ! The size of raindrops is best calculated in that size. Yep, I will give a rain dio a try and see how far I can go with the realism.

As raindrops are as small as 100 µm, the first thing to do was to plan with a bigger scale. For now, I am thinking to make it 1:24.

I am awaiting a book about boxed diorama from Ray Anderson to educate myself as good as possible about that technique. Some experimental stuff is also on the way, more on that later. Ideas about the scene are finding their way into sketches, but the rain issue must first be resolved. No convincing rain, no need to start this diorama.