After a three hour trip through pouring rain I made it safely back to Luxembourg, unloaded the truck and made another trip to drive the truck back to the renting station. It was midnight when I could finally sat down and close one of the last chapters of the Dio Clervaux story.

The show was great, simply said. Starting with the enthusiastic welcome, cheering even on the sight of the fully loaded truck, of the SMC crew who quickly unloaded the truck after having recovered.


This time has two small transport damages. A part of the railing on the side of the house with the old men fell down, second time it deed that, the reason being more my initial soldering errors then transport vibrations. Remember, it was at that time my first soldering experience. (well, not a lot came after that) The glue keeping the fallen tree on the truck also stopped doing what it should and it slipped down on the hood, and took that one with it. I only saw that one after all was set up. With a very long 20 cm tweezers. I was able to push it back on top, just enough to be unnoticed by the visitor.



Setting up for everyone else on the day of the show started really late, so that my usual routine of being there early to be able to see the expo myself did not bring a lot as there was hardly anything to see until after 9 p.m, except for the SMF Alley with the excellent display of the works of the club members. As other exhibitors also profit from the quiet time before the show, I was therefore already fully occupied on my stand when 10 a.m. came and the door opened for the public. It enjoyed that last hour very much. Meeting again and being greeted so cordially, sometimes after years of not seeing them, those acquaintances I made during the last decade in expositions all over Western Europe, yes, most where in Veldhoven, meeting new ones with colleagues I had only Email contact until now, was really great.

Compared to my attendance in 2010 a lot more visitors poured into the halls and this without the usual calm down around noon. It was only around 3 pm when it started to be quieter. I don't know about the last years, but I have the impression that the organizer can be satisfied with the visitor count.

Visits on my diorama stand where great, as usual I might say. Photos where taken by the thousands I suppose.



My information display in Dutch language was really well used. Hopefully it will also help the city of Clervaux to get a few more Dutch tourists, if that is even possible after hearing from all sides the number of visits spend already in Luxembourg. I did not count the times I had to answer the question about the number of years spend on the dio or about my next project. I am happy that I can type this as my voice still does not work very well this morning. Unfortunately, the whole diorama is meanwhile so big and the viewer as to take so much in in a short time, that questions about specific parts of the dio are not asked a lot any more. Nonetheless I spend all day talking, to the "normal" visitors of the expo and to the dozens of modelling friends, some of them having made the trip from pretty far to see the complete diorama a first and probably last time. Thanks for that guys, it was an honour for me to guide you around the property. Sales of my book went really well also, so I had an overall superb expositions and I hope that the organizer was satisfied with my coming too.

So, what will I doing next? LOL Well, I started drawing some sketches for a shadow box. I want to give a rain diorama a new try. Something special needs to come out after Dio Clervaux, isn't it?

Who knows, next year I might come to Veldhoven like every other modeller, with my private car and the model loaded in the trunk!

Thanks to Robert, the whole SMC Crew and all the visitors for this excellent day.