Well, I am ready and I can't await to get on the truck. Robert is making so much advertisement for my coming that I am a bit overwhelmed, honoured of course also. Had someone told me that when I started scale modelbuilding ....

The coat of Envirotex over the river worked wonders. As I also first sanded down some of the less attracrtive traces in the resin, who happened probably due to badly mixed components, the whole river looks now as shiny as after the first day. Dust was a lot less then feared. At last I did not notice it. Hopefully the diorama is not getting more and more grey without me noticing it. Well, after SMC I will tightly pack it until the museum calls.

This evening I will check wat I will bring else. Questions about the materials I used for the dio are more easily answered with the material at hand. So a sample of my wave work, some moss or other stuff to explain the tree work will be packed for sure also. Perhaps all that is not for the specialists among you, but the normal visitors always appreciate a visual help.

There is a lot of rain over Luxembourg for now. More announced for tomorrow. Hopefully I get an hour of dry weather in the evening for loading the truck.

See you around 3 pm in Veldhoven on Saturday, where I was told a reporter will wait to see me unload my little scale model. LOL