Having nearly completed the last modul, I can start preparing for the upcoming expo in Veldhoven on Oct.12

The last part still needs to get a nice wood panel on the side to hide a) the bare module frame and b) some of my height adaptions, bare earth or styrodur to cover some missing centimeters. The river got already cleaned up yesterday evening. I had to get rid of dust, missing shine and ugly traces in the resin, like oil traces. Therefore I first cleaned it all up with isopropanol and a clean rag before sanding those oil smears away. I suspect that those traces came from resin I did not stir enough. I brushed a coat of brand new Envirotex over the whole 2.2 meter river in the hope of getting back my orifginal view of the river. As it is that part of the dio who is really new at the SMC, I want it to be as good as possible. If successful I will wrap the dio under plastic until the museum in Clervaux calls for it.

After that, I need to check, again, for the lighting I made for the Gillen house. Still a provisorium as I have no idea where to fix the box with the battery. For this one expo I will leave it like that and wait for the museum people to choose how the will lit the dio. Maybe they will change all, who knows.

The rest of the dio will be checked only days before the expo when I will take it out of the storage room to the garage. A bit of dusting or other fine repair work may be necessary, but certainly not a lot.

I bought already some more black cloth to cover my display table. I now need some 15 meters of it to get around the dio proparly!

I promised Robert to bring my display panel I specially made for the big train expo in Utrecht. I figured at that time that for the awaited 25000 visitors it was impossible for me o explain my dio with some leaflets. I made therefore six A1 size information posters in netherland language informing a bit about history and a bit of "How to" I see a slight problem here as it was intended to a not so specialized public and the informations provided may not fullfill the expectations of the visitors of the SMC. But here again, should forgive me to not invest in other posters for this one last expo as A1 colour posters do not come cheap.

Then there is my book, of course.

I will, as I do on every expo, offer a special discount! You will have the opportunity to buy my second book, the new one, for €25 . There will also be a combo offer. Together with the first book, the package will cost you only €35. So you should not spend all your money before coming to my stand!

I will have german and french PDF's with me. The french ones still needs to be burned on CD. I still sold not one single book with the french CD, so I hope that will change.

So you see, even if I am finished, there is plenty to do before Oct.12. Big diorama, big logistics!