This module is now finally done. The work left was mainly vegetation and road work. I also adapted the height to the neighbouring Prüm module. Do do that, I crammed Modules 6,7 and 8 together I my working room in such a way that it is now impossible to correctly make pictures of all the sides. For now at least. Let's start with this picture. I did not have access to that side of the river and just placed the tripod there before making the picture half blind. The background is so multicolres that I had to roughly cut it out for you do even recognize the dio.

a tree stumb, put in there not only to fill the space but also to give a reason to the roots I made on the lower module (not knowing at that time that I would need to make this one)
The finished stable comes next after following the path. I put in there some rotten hay.

The gardens and the simulation of the railings from the real street


A view who will certainly get a lot of attention on the expo. For transport reasons I I will leave the fir removable, thus beeing unable to fully detail the lower trunk as I need one place to grab it. I added a park bench her e, recognizable on an pld picture at this very same spot) and added a railing along the Prüm gardens. It is a railroad reference and while it has a god enough height, it is so ultrathin that I can not touch it any more and being so close to tree is probably not a good idea because of the risk.


The view alongside the Villa Prüm to the the new module.

The diorama has now reached it's final size of 300 x 220 cm, or 6,6 square meters!

There is some vegetation left to add but that should be done in an hour or so.

Am I satisfied with this? I don't know, with the tree certainly, the rest was the best I could imagine to put in here, so probably I am satisfied. The view over the river profits from this added background and better river pictures would be possible now.