After the work on the evergreen I was finally able to follow up on the completion of the rest of Modul 8. As this Modul was forced on me, you remember that I had to widen the Villa Prüm Modul at the last moment, forcing me to this unexpected and unplanned Add-on, I never really had a complete plan and layout for it. I am basically improvising the whole thing while I am building. Only the prolongation of the road from the bridge was set. A small road parting to the left right after the bridge, a part of Clervaux called "op der Hoh", was right here and I wanted obviously to show part of it. The first thing I logically build was a stretch of some cobbled street to continue the main road and use also make the ditch of the old village road with cork pieces.

Ideas to fill the rest with came slowly and for now I am set with the following. Two gardens beside the village road, bordered with plaster pieces simulating slate. Those gardens are historically probably not to far from the reality. A bit higher, just before the rocky part, I set a shelter (for the cows or sheep), fallen into ruins. Pictures of the houses on this part of Clervaux around the year 1920 are showing very old houses, ruin's nearly, and I pretty safe to make the animal shelter likewise.


The rest will be filled with grass and small trees, more a hedge. The evergreen will be placed nearer to the Villa Prüm to fill the empty space in the foreground.