I always wanted to build a high Evergreen tree, a
s high as they are normally as adults, some 10 meter high, around35 cm (or 1 foot) in 1/35 scale. As I do mostly I wanted to depart from the usual methods to do it, no synthetic stuff and also no Aspargus fern. Although the use of moss is not new, the way I choose to approach the use of it for the sake of a better detailing is not seen a lot, never until now I think. After a few months work on it, I understand why. What I used is this kind of moss

It's freshly collected and still wet. It will thin out a lot more after drying. I did not use it with it's entire branches but cut instead all the individual side branches from the stem


and reassemble branches for my tree with all the small bits of moss glued on one by one .


Here is the same procedure done on the lower and longer branches. Here I used moss collected a long time ago and already yellowed.

Once glued on the branch I airbrush the moss. That way, no further colouring is needed after assembling the tree

The tree having 30 cm and every step of the tree needs at least 5-6 branches, I estimate the whole tree having around 100 branches and probably around 5000 pieces of moss!

One of the problems I had was the presence, just meters away from my working space, from a tree in my garden. This made me permanently look for the best way to imitate the real thing


The branches are natural too, coming from a few different plants with suiting branches. The advantage versus wire is the natural thinning out of most of them. On top of the often to smooth branch I sprinkled a very fine sand and pigment mix to imitate the bark.

The tree is finished, with the exception of some touch ups with the branches and the replacement of missing or unsatisfying moss pieces, and the adding of a lot of 500 cones! I will cut some of the trunk when I decide on the final rest place of it, right hear near the new rock part or near the Villa PrĂ¼m to fill a big empty space. The headless figure is of course just to get the height relations.

The tree will be part of the display in Veldhoven at the SMC, but I will probably not leave it on the dio for it's final rest place in the museum of the real castle of Clervaux. After Veldhoven I will try to make the Evergreen the center point of another diorama. The work invested warrants using it more then once.