Die deutsche PDF hat alle überholt und wird wohl in 14 Tagen fertig sein. Der Text ist übersetzt , verbessert und zu 80 % schon in der PDF anstelle des englischen Textes.

La version française prend malheureusement du retard. Elle est traduite, mais la correction n'avance pas vraiment bien. Patience!

Spanish version is going good also. Translation made very good progress, but needs a bit more time.

Meanwhile, between that work and house renovation I was not able to pursue any modeling project. The recent visit in Martelange in the slate quarry was very informative and as a consequence, together with a few ailroad modellers, we will put together a project to make a scence of the quarry from 100 years ago. We will start soon and I will probably be responsible for one or more buildings. What else?