My actual plan is to make a french and german text version of the PDF to go free with the buy of the english book. By text version I mean that I will blurr (make hardly recognizable) most of the pictures. Status of the translations as of today: I finished translating the french version but I have some problems with the progress of the the grammar corrections. The first 12 text pages (from 60) are already put into the PDF also and I am now only awaiting the corrections to finish the french version.

Because of this wait I started the german version this weekend and as suspected, I am more at ease with that one, at least until know and before the text gets more technical. So in a short time I already did the first 6 pages and am progressing a lot faster.

The spanish version is moving very slow. The work involved to translate the text is heavier then anticipated by the translater, so all depends on him now. The Spanish version will be a full PDF! I will put a yet undefined price on it and will sell it on my website. Of course a spanish reader who bought or buys my book gets it for free as supplement.