It 's very quiet around my modeling hobby, I admit it. Fortunately this is not because I fell in a deep motivation hole after the near conclusion of Dio Clervaux, but it has more to do with a simple lack of time.

As I am renovating an apartment for my son I have plenty to do and the head is not really free to think and plan for further modeling activities. Once that is finished and once the hobby rooms cleaned, I will restart with the missing part of the dio, the bit of street and hill becaming necessary because of that error I made with the last module.

I have also an invitation for a visit to a local slate museum, together with two railroad modellers, and this is certainly to get us interested into making a diorama for the museum.

Don't forget that I am still translating my book in french language and assembling the PDF's, french and spanish, will come next. That's a lot of time dedicated to the hobby after all.

Overall, 2014 looks like it will be another interesting year modeling wise!