I want to share a couple of pictures from my recent trip to North Italy. I went to Lago Orta , Lago Como and Milano.

I had the chance to discover a few highlights during that trip who were especially appealing to my diorama maker heart. In Orta San Giulio's UNICEF world heritage classified "Sacro Monte", an assembly of over 20 chapels can be found and in each of them splendidly displayed dioramas, all made around the year 1600!

On Isola Bella, one of the Borromeo Islands of the Lago Magiore, you can find the only model of a town, more of a castle, of what is now one of the biggest italian cities. I unfortunately don't remember the city, but it's a major one. The model is a couple of hundred years old.

Scale modeling has a long history!

Here is another discovery, a reference perhaps for future models, see in Bellagio on the Como lake.