You probably all saw that the book arrived and is already selling.

The last month was so busy that I did not even think of the Blog.

Book arrived on Oct 10. I dispatched immediately all preorders just in time before the post office closed, Oct.11 was already departure for the expo in Genk for the whole weekend. Oct 16 was departure for a two week holiday in Italy, return Oct. 30., 2 days later I packed again for Expo in Luxembourg. Right now I ma repairing the damage done by one irresponsible visitor who nearly destroyed the Harley driver. Then I am arranging somewhat my two latest river modules because I will display them this weekend in Walferdange at the train expo.

In between all that , extensive house renovation is going on.

Uff, what is it, November already? I did not notice that! :-)

Now I have to calm down and start anew.

Let's see what the next months will bring