Here is one picture of the finished diorama. It is not easy to make a picture of a 3 meter long dio and show everything. It definitely does not reflect the real thing and the real feeling of the scene.

You must see it live!


I have technical problems to put the picture on my homepage and show it a bit bigger for you. Sorry for that.

I just found this picture among the thousands I have meanwhile on my HD. It was the very beginning of this adventure when I sketched the whole thing on the bottom of my attic. Nice progress, isn't it? :-)


The book is going good for a publication in October. It will have 152 pages, a layout and distribution made professionally, so It will be a bit more expensive then the last one. I saw a first preview of the new Layout today and I can assure you that it will look great!

Stay tuned!

I allowed the comment function again, let's see how bad the spam is meanwhile.