A very short title for the Blog entry but a big step for me! LOL

Yes, I am actually done with the whole dio. After 8 years! I am a bit speechless I must say. I anticipated this for a few months already so the actual event is now not really something special any more.

Where are the pictures ? Beside the one on the homepage showing the last 4 modules together there is still none showing the whole thing. I did not yet see it myself together as the other 3 parts are waiting in the garage for the whole thing to be put together.

The only thing missing now or incomplete is the lightning for the farmer's house (that is only a gimmick anyway) and some hand grips for transporting the river modules.

I set only 2 of the soldiers. I am not sure about all this and will have to wait for the first reactions on the expo to get an idea if my story works. Considering the size of the dio, it looks like a real lack of figures, but apart my growing disdain to paint figures I have a hard time to decide what kind of micro scenes would work together. When in doubt, I tend to do none. Is that correct, I don't know.

During the expo this weekend I hope to make a trillion of photos and be able to choose a few dozen for the book out of them. Hopefully the light in the hall is good enough.

The book has already passed the corrector eyes and he will give me his verdict shortly. I am myself already translating the book in french. That is a lot more work than anticpated. I have roughly 80 pages of text and I am neither used to architectural terms in french nor modeling hobby slang in that language so it is defintely not a smooth runing job. It will not be a perfect work but I will probably not go to a corrector for this. It will get to expensive otherwise.

German language will be next. I have the whole summer to get that done if I want it out together with the book.

If anyone has a good (and cheap) proposals for a site I may use to offer the books for download (remember, this is a image loaden book, so Amazon and Kindle are not the right choice), just drop me a mail. Choosing one site would not be difficult, but I do not want to send a french modeller who wants to buy my french pdf because he can't speak english to an english site for the download process. Same for german and spanish. Doing it myself is a legal and potential logistic nightmare so I am not to warm to do that. A flipping software for the PDF would also be nice, but they are pretty expensive for one ( or three) books. Any other idea?

That's it for now

Stay tuned, I will publish a photo of the whole dio next week!