Some words on the progress, without pictures.

I anticipated that despite shrinking the Villa I would have a hard time getting it on the remaining surface in a plausible and nice way. I had a big laugh when I saw the Villa the first time near the river with the side garage doors at only 5 cm from the river! I can impossibly leave it like that.

After some thoughts and measuring I decided to extend the whole dio by another 20 cm! Yep, this will bring this thing to a total of 3m x 2,20! I already added them to the Villa module who now has at least some space around and looks a lot better. There is hardly more work involved apart a couple of bushes more.

The extension of the 20 cm for the other module will be a lot more work. I need to make a separate module of 140 x 20 cm, extend the road over the bridge and I will add a simulation of forest and hill behind the existing one.

I will do that calmly during next winter and it will not be part of the book. Albeit it would give a better photo background for the river it will not make a difference in the quality and completeness of the book.

Besides that I am finishing sculpting a Harley driver (who actually rides the bike!) and I just finished an Opel Olympia from Bronco. I will set it with a flat tyre somewhere, the driver standing nearby desperate about the delay.

5 Gi's are in the making also. I may only use 2 of them, I will see.

Regarding the book I completely finished identifying correctly all the pictures I chose for the book and also associated all the pictures with corresponding captions.