I have a tight time table for the next weeks.

- I already choose the figures and primed them. Painting comes of course after that. I must finish sculpting the Harley driver and paint the motocycle. - I ordered more photoetch parts for Villa Prüm, shutters and a railing. I hope I will get them soon. - Villa Prüm must be set in the dio near the river and the surroundings build. There is not a lot of space, so this may be done quickly. - The other side of the river must be adapted to the parc modul and a bit of wall replaced. - Some bits in the farmer kitchen must be finished. - I must recheck the lighting for the farmer's house.

This must be done for July 5. On July 6 I have a local expo and I want to show the finished dio and make plenty of pictures for the book.

The book

- I am right now in my third passing of the text and am constantly correcting and revisiting. Right now I have filled 115 pages and I did not even start writing about the last module! This means that I will easily reach 136 pages. It will make it more expensive of course, but I hope you will appreciate the content. - My plan is to choose the pictures for the book after the expo, in a matter of days, and hand it all over to the next stage, layout.