Yes! The Villa Prüm is also done. It took me 1 month and about 125 hours to cover the whole roof. 5 month overall to build the Villa, a few little bits and weathering left to do, but essentially that's it. That would be nearly it then for Dio Clervaux, but let's not burn the stages. I have a half dozen figures and the Harley to finish plus some landscape.

Back to the Villa and two pictures. I bought a new wide angle objective to be able to offer some different photos in my book. The book takes of course the lead now and I will refrain from posting many pictures.
This one is of greatest symbolic. It is the last tile I set for Diorama Clervaux. Considering that the castle alone holds some 30000 tiles, I have easily surpassed the 100 000 (one hundred thousand) tiles for the whole dio! Wow!


This is a view from the side DSC00573small.jpg

I do not yet have a picture from above. Believe me, that last few weeks have been so intense that for example I did the first picture with the new wide angle only after owning it for 2 weeks. I simply did not have the time!

I see the end!