I take hardly the time to take some photos, so let's just update the Blog with a imageless status report.

I working daily on the tiling of the roof, gutter making, dormer making and so on. I am satisfied with the progress so far and I am sure the look of it will be great. Progress on the book is a bit slower. I did myself correct and read again the first 60 pages. I am well on the way to get a 120 page + book. No news on the Layout. I must soon relaunch my partner on this.

For the moment I don't see how I can respect my own schedule. There is so much left to do on the book and the build isn't even finished. I still keep the target Octobert this year but already see a delay as probable.

I realize that this Blogupdate reads more like a telegramm, but you should know taht I do not forget the Blo, but a modeling day has only so many hours.