After a few weeks of pretty intense work the shell construction (without most roofs) of the Villa is nearly done or at least planned so far to be close to be done.

The good thing is that basically all the windows are also build already and duplicated, just awaiting the final go. There are 5-6 models of windows I scratched. Before starting to put them in I wanted a final check on dimensions of the complete build.

From Friday afternoon I had a 20 hour modelling weekend to get just two things done, imaging an how to and actually scratching the arched terrace Here is a picture of the original seen on the inside

I made it out of plaster, but because it is only 3-4 mm thick and therefore impossible to handle i immediately poured some silicone over it to make a mould


Two copies have already been made and can be set back to back to form the arches.

Another feature of this building i racked my brain on is this multi sided structure,


Hardly visible is the fact that each of the five sides has a window incorporated on the upper part.

I got something figure out, but still have it under silicone in the hobby room so I will discover shortly if it will be a success. I intend to make the sides complete, opening and window already in each copy, just need to assemble five parts. Hopefully :-)

Stay tuned