Happy New year to everyone!

Did you do your homework and collect some firework sticks?

Ok, let's start this build of the Villa Prüm.

The pictures i have of the building either show the lower part of the façade or parts of the roof-work. It is also essential for a scale build to understand the layout of the building you are going to tackle.

That's why i normally sketch all the buildings before starting my work. In this case it was even more important as i had some spots on the roof i did not have any picture at all. I magnified all my pictures and used some old historic views to support my hypothesis. I magnified a publicly accessible version of a cadastral map who allowed me to get the approx. measures of the house. As the Villa is to build to fit in it's 1/35 version on my module, i am shrinking it a bit, so all the measures need to be adapted. Heights are done a lot on feeling and also by analysing the pictures, again.

Here is my sketch of the most difficult side with a chapel in the midst of the roof!


I did my best to do the perspectives somewhat correct, the most important thing was to get most features of the roof in there.

I also started to do the second essential help to build such a complicated building, a mock up made of cardboard. This is very important to get the right feeling of the measures.


Let's get this started then