Ok. the new year is still 3 days away, but let's not be picky.

Like i said in the post before , i have few things to do regarding module 6 , but really wanted this one out of the starting block. I will have a lot of copies to do and during drying times i figure i will have time to work on the last bits of mod.6.

Before I start I would like to tell you that i got contacted by a film studio regarding my diorama. The looked at the option of using my dio structures as a background for a feature film, all done with visual effects and CGI. Nothing is decided yet but i don't it that it would probably be a great experience for me. Considering how i started the diorama 7 years ago, this development still leaves me stunning.

Two expositions are already more then probable, so 2013 announces itself to be a busy modeling year.

Before that, I will have plenty of time to finish my whole dio.

Module 7 is only 70x80 cm big and consist essentially only of the rest of the river and the one house i will place on it. The river has already be done during last year as i wanted to use up most of my resin, so this leaves me with the one structure to build. But what a build! The "Villa PrĂ¼m" is called after the owner, it is a massive construction whose look has changed a few times and was expanded ever more. I am joking already that the architect of this house should have immediately be fired. Convince yourself: Here is a view from far to get you an idea where to place it in the town. It is the massive whitish house on the right side of the river Clervaux! If you continue your look along the river it will lead you to the bridge, 2 cm above the house on the picture.


Here is a few of the front right after the war

Fortunately, the house is still standing today and i got the possibilty to do some close up shots. The vegetation around the house is so dense that i returned in winter to get some more shots without disturbing leaves.

The front today
On the back of the house Prum033small.jpg

and finally this one! Look at the roofwork! DSC01569small.jpg

I have about 100 pictures to cover every thing i could see and am right now again, for the third time, trying to figure out how to build this Villa. I am sketching every angle of it (there are more extras in the house then those i showed you) and try to place all those towers and dormers and terrasses, chapels and whatever else is in there at the right place.

There is more. Strictly taken the Villa should be 77 cm big in 1/35 ! I only have 80 cm on the module. I certainly don't want it look cramped between the river bank and the module's border, so i need to shrink it somewhat to a size of about 60 cm.

Why did i choose this monster? How about looking for a challenge? :-)