It's election time in the USA, chances for a recounting are high there, so as i approached the final stage of my cobblestone street I did a recount also to find out how many pieces of cork i finally glued down.

In the end i have a paved street of 4 meters (13 feet) at an average wide of 17 cm (6.7 inch), 6800 square centimetres. I counted an average of 250 pieces of cork per 10x10 cm area. This yields a whooping 17000 pieces of cork, seventeen thousand individual pieces cut, sanded, picked up and glued down! Say loud what you have on your mind! This guy is crazy!

To memorize this moment i did a few pictures, just for the fun of it

This is the unofficial 17000th and last piece to be set


I'm relieved that thsi is finally done

Here is the new road section, complete with new side-walks and rain gutters