Wow, the comments i got from the public were somewhat overwhelming, going from congratulations and thanks, to motivating thumbs-up and even respectful bows. Considering over 20000 visitors to the expo i estimate that not far from 100000 photos had been made during this three days.

I tried to capture that with my old camera, but due the movement of the people, the light of the hall and also my shaky overhead photographing, only a couple are usable.


Here are front and backside pics of the presentation i made. Usually i inform the visitors by means of a folder, but i figured that it would be impossible to manage for 20000 visitors so i constructed this panels and printed posters in A1 format. They also proved very successful. As i got a translation in netherlands, i saved myself a lot of trouble explaining the history of the battle and the dio in german or english to the visitors.



The journey was a bit stressy as the roads are very crowded in NL, but the visit was certainly worth it, for everybody i presume.

I got an invite for the Euromodelbouw in Genk next year. I will see what i can do, perhaps i will delay the visit there until my next book is done and the whole dio is finished.