This is a Christmas tree i made for the Gilllen farm house. The scene is set on Dec. 17 so i decided it could be possible to see a Christmas tree already put up in a house. Right or not, i think it will be a nice addition to the interior of the house.

The tree is 3 cm high only, the Lametta made with sliced aluminium foil. I saw a lot of vintage pictures going back to the early 20 century showing Lametta on the trees , so this is correct. The radio is scratch build to. A few weeks after i made mine a manufacturer came out to offer a similar couple in resin. Not that i wanted one, but unfortunately my radio isn't going to be such a unique piece any more.


Here is another addition to the kitchen furniture.


It's a shelf for proviant stocking . I made already a curtain to put in front put damaged to take this one picture. I may call myself an idiot!

From clear sprue and very fine wire i made this bottling jars, their is a Krikox soup box and a mustard pot from the "Moutarderie de Luxembourg", both typical Luxembourg products. The decals i made of course myself.

Macros are unforgiving, so i am not satisfied with this picture, but please consider that this will be set in the kitchen and while near the border , it is still darker and of course no one will be able to see up this close. o it will be good then i believe.