First it must of course be finished properly. The Bike shop was built with the plan to built it on the Bouvier house, meaning i did not do the right side of the façade and i did not make the roof with some overhang. The façade was easy enough as i only sprinkles an earth mix on the wall. To overhang the roof i took off some slates and replaced them with longer ones in order to have a 2-3 mm overhang.


One evening was necessary to fix the roof.

Remember the river of Module 7? No, certainly not :-) I made some waves, added stones and finally the white water.


I used some Acrylic Gel now for some rectifying. Tomorrow i will level out some parts and cover the Gel with resin to get it shine nicely. The river will then be completely done all the 2,2 meters of it!

Besides that i am working on the landscape behind House Bouvier. It must be done before i can glue the house on.