Double exclamation mark because i'm really glad that i finally finished it. I think since i need magnifying glasses to work on details, in effect i need them for everything, i take even longer to finish my stuff.

If i show you this picture you also get an idea where the time was invested
The house has 31 windows to fit with shutters, meaning 62 shutters hold by 124 hinges! Every hinge is fixed in it's own hole. Of course i spend a lot of time to do honor to the nice photoetch parts. For the side stair i added, meaning i soldered the lower part of the railing. There is a slight bend in it, so getting it right was not easy.

I hope you enjoy this pictures. While i see a lot of problems with the build when i use my macro look, i think seen from a reasonable distance it is not so bad.

A zoom in to show the roman letters over the door, meaning the house was build in 1846!, already 98 year old the day of my dio.

I will need until the rest of the year to finish the module. Yes, holiday, expo preparation and execution, a bit of work for the bike shop, a bit more work with the Gillebauer, cobblestone work, fixing the towers on the bridge, doing a Harley driver and finishing that, this takes time. Somewhere in between i will try to scratch this fountain.

PS. I begin to hat this Blog layout, pictures are to small to appreciate, but i have not the time to do anything about it now. The Blog is incorporated in the website and changing any thing is a very big task.