No update here does not mean that i did not work on the dio, even if i still have not a lot to show picture wise. To the contrary , i am working so much on the dio taht i do not have the time to take photos and Blogupdates.

I finished the roof and made some special gutter work, stairs are made and remade and refitted

Ok, the stairs are finished and set already but i do not yet have a picture.

I started working on the balcony. The original balcony is still on the house today, so this is what i want to copy

With a piece of wood, 0.25 mm lead wire and some putty and plasticcard i made this here
Looks bad, i know, but with a nice cover of Tamiya modelling putty it will look better, promise. And please don't forget that this is only 2 cm wide.

Here is a picture of the balustrade

I did some posts for the balustrade using a needle and surrounding it with thin brass wire, topped with two other needle heads and punched plastic for the feet.

I extracted the railing with Photoshop from the the picture above and gave it, together with other parts to a photo etching service who just returned the part to me.
Nice , isn't it?

You notice the railing (front and sides) for Bouvier, there is also the lion belonging to the bike shop and there is already a railing (the one on the right side) meant for the Villa PrĂ¼m.

To finish this update i show you a wall i made to limit the space where Bouvier will standing on. I will explain that later. I made a wall of some 50 cm. Copies of my original wall are glued on cork. The wall will be bend a bit, so the flexible cork is optimal here

I need probably a good week now to finish Bouvier. After that i will do work to prepare for the expo in Utrecht, meaning i must redo a tree, fix the Sherman, do some Expo panels and so on.