Notice on this picture how i raised the house by adding the lower stonework, getting it to look nearly as the original
The left out space is of course meant for the stairs. I completely made the facade by sifting a fine sand over the walls.

The weekend before i started with the roof work. The gutterwork alone took a few hours to make, followed by an intense roof tiling session. I managed to finish one side during that weekend
I completely finished the roof this weekend, aided one partly by some knee problems hindering usual weekend activities and by the awful weather we have in Luxembourg since a few weeks. Great excuses to do some modeling!

I do not have pictures yet from the finished roof.

I also spend a few hours planning the setup of the house, still having serious problems placing Bouvier. Because of the big stairs the space between the house and the river is so small that the look is not very convincing. Therefore, and because of another error i made, i raised the house by another 2 cm. Those centimeters will be invisible near the road as the only bring the house to road level, but will raise even more the look of the house on the backside, bringing me also quicker down to the river level. Of course a centimeter height means another two stairs more to get to that level, means at least 1.3 cm space less. There will defintely be no solution here who will entirely satisfy me.

So, all those rearrangements have one positive outcome. I will be able to fit this fountain-laterne mix into the build

The big problem here (a part the very difficult scartchbuild ) is that i can not clearly identify any of the features on the fountain. I did my best with Photoshop but couldn't get any more details out of the picture.

Anyone out there with a good idea what i could be?

My vote is for some child figures (angels) on top and the middle sculpting being fish heads. On the back a water pipe is coming out of one of those figures.( the fountain is behind those ladies on the left side)

I have no idea about the inscription who certainly is beneath that.